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Since ancient times, silver has been used to make jewelry and decorative items. However, since the 18th century, more silver has been mined and used than in all prior centuries combined. Silver alone is a soft metal and therefore too soft to be used for jewelry and other items. To make it more durable, it is mixed with other metals, known as alloy, to create sterling silver. To be considered sterling silver, a product must contain at least 92.5 percent pure silver, and must be stamped with the international sterling silver emblem.





All the picture frames and giftware featured in our online store have a special antioxidant coat keeping your pieces tarnish- free and require NO cleaning.  Please DO NOT use any cleaning solutions or abrasive cleaners as to not remove the special layer. You only need a DRY soft cloth to keep your sterling silver pieces clean and shiny for years.



Below are some care instructions for your sterling silver pieces like flatware, jewelry or special serveware pieces that are NOT coated with a tarnish-free layer.





Clean sterling serving pieces immediately after using mild soapy water and hot rinse.

Dry immediately to avoid water spotting.

Sterling Metal can be damaged by soaking, so avoid immersion in water.

Store your precious sterling metal in an airtight silverware chest, such as tupperware, or bags made of tarnish resistant cloth since exposure to air accelerates tarnishing.

Sterling should be kept away from dampness or direct sunlight.

Polish sterling hollowware and flatware with a soft flannel cloth using any brand name silver polish.  Softly buff the sterling piece with long strokes rather than using circular motions. Dips are easy to use but will remove the oxidation from intricate designs in the patterns.

Contrary to popular belief, sterling should only need polishing a few times a year.




Sterling care is not as difficult as we have been conditioned to believe.  Pieces should not be covered in plastic and never used or enjoyed except on special occasions. Using sterling silver flatware or sterling hollowware is the best way to add brilliance and shine to the piece.


Do not fret over the tiny scratches that are bound to appear because they actually add to the natural patina that makes sterling extraordinarily beautiful through the years.

These are a few simple guidelines that will keep your sterling beautiful and add to its value with each passing year.



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